Business owner?

If you are a foreign entrepreneur or a small business owner doing business in the Netherlands, you may have questions and concerns about:

  • Tax Returns
  • VAT
  • ICP
  • Corporate Tax
  • Payroll Tax
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Dutch 30% ruling

And almost everyone has questions about the Dutch 30% ruling and double taxation and how it applies to them.

Guidelines have recently changed for the 30% ruling, affecting the future plans of many expat workers in the Netherlands, so it’s a good idea to talk to a professional and assess how the changes will affect you.

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If you are a migrant working in the Netherlands, you may qualify for tax exemptions and refunds you aren’t aware of, such as:

  • Mortgage deduction
  • Non-working spouse tax refund
  • Tuition fee refunds
  • The child care allowance
  • Dutch pensions and insurance
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At Profinancials, we are experts in these matters

At Profinancials, we are experts in these matters, and can walk you through your Dutch tax obligations and benefits. We can also manage your correspondence and communication with the Dutch tax authorities, and set up your bookkeeping and financial accounts so that filing taxes is a breeze.

We believe in the power of small business, and are committed to the lasting success of a local economy fueled by international talent, innovation, and diversity. We are excited by the spirit of creativity and the international appeal of Eindhoven and the surrounding region, and are honored to be helping our local expatriates thrive.

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